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Body Weight Exercise Workout for Home

Posted Jan 22 2010 3:15pm

This has been a crazy week. We made it to the Y at least four times, but I really don’t feel like getting out of thSit upe house today.  Have to share:  As I’m typing this, the kiddo’s are running around the upstairs living room saying, “It’s exercise time.  Keep running.  Faster, faster.  Way to go!”  Hum, maybe I am rubbing off on them a bit!

Here’s my full body workout plan with an emphasis on only using body weight:

1. Warm Up with skip a step up the stairs for 10 sets.

2. Regular push ups (as many as I can do).

3. Regular squats (as many as I can do).

4. Side Kicks (20 each side).

5. Wide span incline push ups off the back of the couch (20).

6. 3 way lunges (forward, side, reverse-20 each leg).

7.  Couch dips with legs straight out (20).

8.  Doggie Style leg lifts (20 each leg).

9.  Regular Plank (as long as I can hold it).

10.  Side plank (as long as I can hold it).

11.  Lying back extension (20).

12.  5 minutes of in place jump roping (no rope-imitate with hand movement).

Repeat until 30 minutes are up.

My goal is to have this complete by the end of Dollhouse tonight!  Last episode.  There’s no excuse not to get this workout in, so what are your workout plans for today?  Don’t let staying indoors, no gym, and stuff get in the way of adding exercise into the day!  WE  DO HAVE TIME AND WILL POWER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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