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Bikini Butt on the Ball

Posted Jun 20 2008 6:06pm

ENTER IMAGE NAME BETWEEN QUOTES - USE ENGLISH NOT FILE NAMING STRUCTUREThe following article is written by Lisa Marie Mercer, a freelance writer, fitness studio owner and book author.

Ah, summer! At last we get to peel off the layers and show off the results of our winter workouts. Goodbye fleece and winter coats. Hello bikini! You disrobe in anticipation of trying on your new swimsuit. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the best bikini butt of all?

We’ll assume that you look pretty darn good, but just in case you think you need a bit of Butt Botox, we have just the routine for you! You’ll need a Stability Ball and a Theraband. We love the Stability Ball because it’s portable, versatile and inexpensive. It has another great side benefit. Since proper execution of the ball exercises requires core stability, every exercise you perform on the ball works your deeper abdominal muscles. Let’s workout!

Shoot the Glute

Set Up:
Lie on your back with your calves draped over the ball. You should feel as if the top of your head is in alignment with the base of your spine, with your weight equally distributed on both sides of your body. Place a Theraband across the lower part of your pelvis, and hold the ends of the band firmly against the floor.


    Draw your abdominal in as you lift each vertebra of your spine from the floor, until you are in a bridge position. Squeeze your buttocks and push against the resistance of the band.

    As you roll back down to the mat, try to feel each vertebra touch the floor. Perform eight repetitions. On your last rep, stay in the bridge.

    Make sure that the ends of the Theraband are still on the floor. Lower one hip or “glute cheek” about two inches closer to the floor.

    Imagine you have an elevator traveling up the back of the leg lifting your butt. Squeeze the “cheek” and bring your hip to the start position.

    Do the same thing with the other butt cheek.

    Rhythmically alternate for about 24 repetitions.

    Roll down slowly.

Lisa Marie Mercer is the author of Open Your Heart with Winter Fitness and 101 Fitness Tips for Women. She lives in Summit County Colorado, where she is the owner of Mountain Sport Pilates and Fitness.


Written by Martha Jones

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