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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With These Simple Tips

Posted Dec 22 2012 10:02am

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain You really can avoid holiday weight gain this season. Just follow these simple tips to keep that number on the scale in check.

Control sweet cravings: We all want to indulge in the holiday cookies, cakes, and other sweets during the holidays. Instead of saying no to everything, try to control your sweet tooth in other ways. One of the best ways I have found to satisfy my cravings is by sucking on a piece of hard candy. You can savor one hard candy for more than the time it takes to eat a piece of cake and save hundreds of calories, and it’s fat free! Candy canes are great for this too. Just don’t go overboard with too much sugar.

Keep hydrated: hunger cravings often hit even when you are just thirsty. Keep up your fluids to help your stomach feel full. If drinking does not give you the same sense of satisfaction as eating, pick foods that are high in water content like fruits and veggies.

Schedule Your Workouts: This is something I have already done for the week.

Between now and New Years, identify at least three to four 40-minute time slots and mark them on your calendar. If 40 is too much time, then mark at least five or six 20-minute slots.

The holiday season tends to be the easiest to let exercise slide. If you can, get your exercise in first thing in the morning so that it is done for the day before you get caught up with work, errands, etc.

Get the Most from Each Minute: A great workout can take place in under an hour, when done correctly. The idea is to burn more calories each minute. This is done through short, intense bursts of exercise, ideally using more than one muscle group at a time.

Use the following three tips to bring your routine up to the next level:

Be Unstable: Use your entire body, and target your core, by performing exercises that engage stabilizing muscles. To do this use an exercise ball, a balance board, a balance disk, or simply stand on one leg.

Add Resistance: The more resistance that you incorporate into your routine translates to more calories burned. Some ideas for adding resistance include: using hand weights, resistance bands , or even using your body as weight in exercises like push-ups, squats, etc.

Use Intervals: Interval training is an amazing tool for creating short yet effective workouts. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Interval training is simply alternating between different short bursts of activity.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to focus on your legs and abs and also get an effective cardio workout. Here is a sample interval routine for these goals:

  1. Lunge while curling dumbbells, 15-20 reps
  2. 60 seconds of cardio: sprint, jump rope, or jumping jacks
  3. Squat while pressing dumbbells overhead, 15-20 reps
  4. 60 seconds of cardio: sprint, jump rope, or jumping jacks
  5. Crunches on an exercise ball, 15-20 reps
  6. 60 seconds of cardio: sprint, jump rope, or jumping jacks
  7. Hold Plank 30-60 seconds

Repeat 2-3 times for a 20-30 minute workout.

Have more tips to share? Leave a comment.

Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!

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