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Australia has become a multicultural society with many other cultural forms of dress and fashion molding national culture

Posted Jan 25 2013 8:21am
These examples of different ways in which body-clothes relations in
Australia have been produced each depend on explicit narratives about
the peculiarities of the Aussie body. While these narratives intersect and
overlap, there are distinct elements that are picked up in each version reflecting
specific preoccupations. While the swimming body continually
ignites issues of modesty in the process of revelation and concealment,
the Australiana body reflects the debate about the fit between settler
bodies, the environment, and Australia's first inhabitants. Einally, the
outback body reworks concepts of the bush,   bridal party gowns  , 
hard yakka, and the battler
in a narrative about adversity and survival. Oddest of all is the fact that
although these bodies are insistently—even stridently—nationalistic in
tone, their appeal has not only grown domestically but internationally.
Perhaps these bodies are working as counterpoints to other narratives
or perhaps they are together devising a body habitus for the truly global
Images of "the national" continue to be constructed through clothes
and modes of representation.   Prom attire  , 
Distinctive fashions in clothing and how
they are depicted have changed with the globalization of Australian
culture. Australia and culture were traditionally seen as contradictory
yet in recent years, diverse forms of Australian culture have been exported
and re-imported. Australians now have an internationalized and
cosmopolitan image of themselves that has been reflected in trends in
fashion and clothing. The dominant types of dress that have been explored
here, namely "bush" wear, swim and surfwear, and Australiana
and indigenous design, remain the foundations of national dress and an
Australian sense of style. But, as these modes are embedded in their own
cultural politics, any sense of Australianness equally evokes an allusion
to un-Australianness. National dress is the most vexed arena in which
such debates are played out.
Meanwhile, Australia has become a multicultural society with many
other cultural forms of dress and fashion molding national culture. It is not
yet clear to what extent these new cultural influences have changed the Zeitgeist
of national identity or shaped the way it is represented in the fashion
media and popular culture.  Sheath bridal gown  , 
 These remain research issues for the future. wuja-0125.
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