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Another Milestone: My Blog Birthday!

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
What? Three posts three days in a row? Am I starting a new trend? Um, no. It's just a big week! And since today is my blog birthday, I think I will celebrate by posting every day this week. Just for grins. Don't get used to it. I have too many diapers to change, kids to corral, and workouts to chase down.

One year ago I threw myself into the blogosphere with my first post on Mama Sweat. I underestimated how much I would enjoy writing about fitness and motherhood, it feels so natural, just an extension of myself--even if I get interrupted from writing a post an average of 25 times (it often takes hours to get a post published). I suppose I would want to do this if I didn't have an audience (so cathartic), and yet the joy of this blogging is that I do have readers. So my thanks to you for taking the time out to read Mama Sweat. My ego is grateful, too.

I kept telling myself that after a year of blogging I would figure out what kind of blog this would be, decide what more I would do with it. But I still don't know. I suppose I should read a book about blogging. Is there blog school? Better yet, a blog tutor? I like learning by doing (or as often is the case, learning by trial and error) so, I think the next step is to ask YOU what more you'd like from this blog. I've put together a simple survey--check it out on the left--so that you can give me your input. It's anonymous. I won't know your answers or even who responds. Check off as many options that apply for you, and if you'd care to give me more suggestions, puleeze leave me a comment or if you're too shy email me at

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