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An Ace for Family Fitness

Posted Jan 04 2010 12:00am
One of the things that irks me as a mom is standing around twiddling my thumbs while my kids take lessons. Before I allow myself to sound too self-centered to watch in amazement as my children learn new skills and master their God-given talents, let me say that I do enjoy watching them practice/play--just not for the whole lesson.

I get ancy. I'm not a good twiddler.

Plus, if most or all my kids are busy in a physical activity then -- score! -- free time for me to move too!

During past dance, ice skating and gymnastic lessons I have gone for walks or runs when weather permits. At the dance studio I commandeered an empty studio to do yoga. Last summer's t-ball, soccer and tennis camps were situated right next to a track. How could I not run?

Now, in these sub-zero temps I can't very well take The Boy for a quick jog while his sisters get their groove on.

What to do? Twiddle for an hour in the smells-like-dirty-socks gymnasium?

Not this mom.

"Wouldn't it be fun to take tennis lessons girls?" I asked vigorously nodding my head.

(To further press my case I bought them each their own tiny running skirt for Christmas that, naturally, works well for tennis.)

"And you can wear your new skirt! SO cute!"

Those of you who know I'm not good at the ball sports may wonder: Why tennis?

Simple deduction. Of all the things on our short list of lessons they would take or could take, and agree on, tennis emerged as something I could do with them.

This sounds a lot easier on paper than it actually is. Not. I had to sign up my three daughters in a tennis class that only takes four, during a time slot when I could take a tennis lesson too. And then, because The Boy is under age one, I also have to think ahead so I can book him space in the infant room in the childcare center. Can't very well swing a racquet with a baby on my hip. Well, I could, but my serve would suffer.

Fortunately the logistics all worked out, except that I'm in a Tennis II class instead of the more suitable Tennis I. Let's hope I don't piss off too many tennis ladies.

Our lessons begin tomorrow morning and I am excited to start the year off with something out of my comfort zone and out of my typical sweat routine. I am also thrilled at learning along with my children, even if it means (or, perhaps, because) they watch mommy struggle. Best of all I can look across the court, put two fingers to my eyes and point them back in their direction, so they know I'm watching them.

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