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Adventures in Weekly Goal Setting

Posted Apr 15 2013 12:09pm
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Last week I decided to set some fitness goals .

weekly fitness goals


My workout plan was to get three good session in.  CHECK!!  Yay!  I got some great cardio and circuit training in last week.  I’m also happy to report that my runs are increasing and my stamina is too.  It’s no longer as painful as it was in the beginning, and I really look forward to getting a good run in.


My healthy food plan was to track all of my food so I would be held accountable.  Erm.  Not so check.  Most of the week I was fine- if I didn’t track I still ate healthy.


Friday there were fresh chocolate chip cookies and too much wine involved…Sunday the most amazing ribeye steak and lobster tail…  soo I stumbled a bit.


And the scale this morning was at 162.2 pounds.




Not to fret though.  A new week is upon me and I’m ready to start fresh!

eating approval


I also wanted to increase my water to 2 liters a day- which I did do and I wanted to juice once a day.  I juiced about three times last week.  So not too bad!


As you can see, I’m not perfect.  And that’s okay.  My diet has been clean and healthy about 80% of the time.  Which works for me.


But I am trying to lose that pesky last 10 pounds.


So this week- my goals will be the same.

1.  Three good workouts

2.  Track the food!!  Even the bad food!!

3.  Drink my water.

4.  Juice four times this week.


I’m finding that setting simple goals for myself is really helping me to get my diet and workout plan back on track.


Did you meet your goals?

I’d love to hear about it!


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