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Abdominal Exercises During Pregnancy

Posted Aug 13 2009 2:20pm

You see, growing these main muscles will not only allow you to get back to your pre-pregnant shape (or better) quicker, but since these are the muscles you "push" with, growing them will make labor and delivery much faster. The easiest, and most detrimental abdominal exercises during pregnancy is the kegel. A lot of you have heard of this before, It is strengthening the muscles of your pelvic bottom. Kegels use the same muscles used in stopping the flow of urine when you go to the bathroom.


- lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
- Contract these muscles and hold them tight for 5-10 seconds.
- Repeat this 5-10 times.

When you become more used to performing this little movement, you can try it while you are sitting or standing. These positions work well because its beneficial to perform kegels several times throughout the day.

Once you master this, you'll be ready for a lot more abdominal exercises that can be done during pregnancy. In The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide main workouts specific to each trimester can be found. You'll find easy to follow fitness routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home with little equipment.

I found this Post Pregnancy Workout on this pregnancy exercise review site. if fitness programs like this intrest you then you may want to check it out: There is a Free Report on Pregnancy Workouts AvailableAbdominal Exercises During Pregnancy

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