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A Gym Bag for Moms?

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am
On one trip to the gym last week I felt like I got a workout just getting from my car to the front door. I had the diaper bag slung across one shoulder, my mini gym bag slung across the other and The Boy snug somewhere in the middle. I'd say I was hoisting a good 35 lbs. Come to think of it, I should have done walking lunges across the parking lot.

I am frequenting the gym more these days and usually taking along one, two or four kids. Until recently I've managed to get by with bringing only the diaper bag and tucking in a few things I need into the side pockets (extra bra, ipod, water bottle, etc.) I just haven't been able to commit to my entire gym bag (or I forget it).

My gym bag is quite large. Cavernous. It is dedicated to those workouts that require equipment, a change of clothes, a shower even (ah, yes, I remember the luxury of a shower). All of that, for now, is too extravagant for this mom of four who has to make getting to the gym as simple as possible so she doesn't talk herself out of it. As I rush out the door I've been taking what I know the baby will need and making due with what I manage not to forget for myself.

Am I marginalizing myself? Is there a mom out there who doesn't?

But, as my workouts become more regular (I've already mentioned I'm suffering from workout ADHD) I've graduated to bringing my "mini gym bag." This is an awesome little bag constructed by Nike that I received as a gift some 10 years ago by my dear friend Michele who just opened her first running store (anyone near San Antonio stop by and say hello with your wallet!) The bag is the perfect solution for the quick trip to the gym that doesn't require any Superman-like outfit changes. It has many great little pockets and a water bottle holder. What this means is, when I walk from the childcare center to the locker room, I don't risk dropping a tampon or my extra jog bra while I clutch my wallet and water bottle under my arms. It's also, ideal as a vacation bag. That's me, my youngest daughter and the awesome mini gym bag at Disney World last fall.

But along with the Workout ADHD diagnosis comes a need for more stuff. More stuff requires more space in the bag. I don't want to haul my superginormous gym bag AND the diaper bag. The solution might be to stuff all the baby goods AND The Boy into the superginormous gym bag. When I can't get him an appointment in the childcare center I could just leave him in a locker.

I'm kidding. I shouldn't have to clarify that, but I don't want to risk a visit from child protective services.

What's more reasonable is to stuff a smaller bag with all the baby gear into the superginormous gym bag. In a previous post long ago I mentioned what I need to carry in my gym bag. I need to modify this slightly to include the mini diaper bag--something I could take out and leave in the child care center.

But what I long for, pine for, dream of in the night, is a gym bag made with moms in mind. A gym bag that could accommodate a triathlete, tennis playing, Cross Fitting, yoga-loving woman who happens to need space in her gym bag for the needs of a baby who might poop during her workout.

I envision a bag that is not my husband's gym bag. A bag that is sleek and feminine, yet not hot pink or flowery. A bag with a compartment for sweaty things, and gear, and if the stars align, the essentials for a shower. A mini bag, that attaches on the outside, can be removed and left with the kids in the childcare center. The gym bag of my dreams would also have a pocket for water bottles and easy access to my wallet and phone, and a special place for my keys so I wouldn't lose them so often.

Any mompreneurs out there ready to jump on this idea? Does it already exist? Do you have any other ideas to make my dream gym bag for moms even better?

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