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5 Tips to Keep you Focused When Running

Posted Jun 24 2013 2:59pm
Tips to keep focused while running
Running is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. Many runners find their body is willing to run longer however it’s their mind that lets them down as they find it too hard to keep going mentally so I thought I would pull together some tips to help you from hitting the wall!


It’s a good idea to give yourself a mini pep talk. Tell yourself that you’re not tired just mentally fatigued and that you can finish. Remind yourself of how good and proud you’ll feel when you finish and that all the pain will be worthwhile in the end. Choose a mantra, a short phrase you can say over and over in your head to help keep you focused such as: ‘one step at a time’. Do some research into running quotes and you’ll find a phrase perfect for you.


Music is a runner’s best friend. Choose music that you know will help you feeling energised and ready to go. Create a playlist of all your favourite songs, or of high-energy ones, you can often find playlists especially for runners online. Add it onto your IPod or any other music device and you’re ready to go.

Running with a buddy

Running on your own can sometimes get boring. It’s a great idea to find a running buddy, taking on the pain and gain together and help carry each other along. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly rivalry and a bit of competiveness won’t hurt. You can chat to one another to keep your mind off the race, discuss what you’re going to do after the run etc.

Change Your Route

Running the same old route will get boring and tiresome. Experts suggest that changing up your route, does help you run longer. If you know your route, then you’ll be well aware of your surroundings and will know how long you have to go etc which will make your run difficult mentally. Change up your surroundings, you’ll notice the difference.


Use imagery whenever you hit a rough, difficult patch within your run. Imagine you’re an Olympic athlete heading towards the finish line with the entire crowd cheering your name. Vision your running form as relaxed and smooth. You could imagine you’re one of your favorite runners, running just like them.

Keep in mind all these points and you’ll be running longer and getting stronger. Good luck and remember how good you’ll feel when you finish!!

This guest post was written by Susie Francis a content writer for JD Sports, the specialists. When she isn’t coming up with top fitness tips, she enjoys putting them into practise and often runs most evenings. 

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