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5 Things Friday

Posted Dec 07 2012 3:27pm


1. Typically I welcome Fridays with open arms…love, love, love me some Fridays.  Friday usually means the weekend is here and the Hubby is home and the boys don’t pay attention to me for 2 days.  But this morning, I wanted to punch Friday in the face.  I woke up feeling unrested, groggy, and mean.  The boys started kicking each other in the face (literally) before my Keurig was even warmed up, and the gray skies made me want to crawl back under my covers.

2. Aren’t the holidays supposed to be a joyous time?  I was out Christmas shopping this morning, and was in a pretty good mood, even striking up conversations with those in line with me, until it came time to walk out of the store.  They had left one of those inventory control tags on and the alarm was relentless.  I walked back to the counter and no one was paying attention to me.  I dumped all the contents of my bag onto the counter to find the stupid inventory control tag and since no one was helping me, tried to remove it myself with the little machine thing and a cashier (who was full of bah-humbug) breathed very loudly and exasperatedly and grabbed the item out of my hand without saying a thing.  I told her she needed to work on her attitude.



3. I haven’t run since Tuesday, which could be contributing to my sunny disposition.  I don’t usually go more than a day between runs when I’m training, but this week’s busy activities gave me no choice but to skip a 3 mile training run.  And I’m pretty mad about it.



4. I have participated in one too many red cup therapy sessions this week.

starbucks red holiday cup_flickr saarax3


Starbucks isn’t something I get very often because our local store (the ONE in our small town) doesn’t have a drive-thru.  Not only that, but its in an awkward location that you can’t make a left hand turn into, and the parking lot is a nightmare.  But there are just times where you dismiss all of that and grab you one of those red cups of goodness and twice this week I’ve done that.  And sorry, I’m not sorry.

5. We’ve got indoor soccer for the 7 year old tonight and I’m super excited about it.  Since its indoor, when you yell and cheer, your voice really carries.  I apparently am so loud that my husband moved away from me last week.  He did, however mention that it was awesome I was so enthusiastic about it.  Hmmm…whatever. :)

Happy Friday, y’all!

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