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5 Best Yoga Poses for Weightllifters

Posted Nov 13 2012 11:52am

During my Yoga Works training, we spent hours and hours studying the human body, how it works and why yoga can benefit every person– whether it be for stress management, exercise and just personal time.  Every single body is different and will have different needs, so for today’s post, I’d like to spend some time discussing the poses that I think weightlifters might benefit from.  No, I don’t think they need to go down and take a 1.5 hour power yoga class!  A power yoga class can be seriously intense and has hard on the body as an intense weightlifting session.   However, a few minutes spent either before or after a lifting session could be beneficial for the weightlifter.

This post is written from the viewpoint that anybody that is doing any lifting or high rep high intensity exercise will benefit from spending some time working on their tight areas.  I believe there are two areas in the body that will need the most help- the hips and back, particularly by doing the opposite of a squat.

In addition to working on your tight areas, most people doing any yoga would benefit from having certain props at home to enhance their practice.  Yoga Mad offers plenty of yoga blocks, straps and mats for you to check out.

The Five Most Important Poses

Garland Pose.   The pose looks and feels like the bottom of a squat.    It can help by opening working on the tight areas of the hip joint and feels really good.  I like to spend at least a minute or more in this pose.

High Lunge Position   This one, if done correctly, also looks like the bottom of the Split Jerk and for me it helps lengthen the front of my hip.

Strengtheners/Upper Back work such as Upward Facing Dog Pose , Locust Pose   These are highly valuable poses because they both strengthen the upper back as well as lengthen the front of the body.

Bridge Pose with it’s variations of a full backbend.  By far the hardest of all yoga poses for me is the full back bend.  I spend lots of time in bridge pose, squeezing blocks and pushing the top of my hips forward.  This pose along with camel pose can do wonders for tight hip people.

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