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5 Best Yoga Poses for Weightlifters

Posted Apr 16 2013 12:44am

Since I’m on the topic of weightlifting, I thought I should take a few minutes to tell you about what I think the absolute best poses for yoga are.  By the way, I do have a 200 hour Yoga Works certificate and do teach 10 hours of yoga a week!  During my training we spent hours on studying the human body, how they work and really analyzing a foot position, leg position in a certain pose.  This training has helped me learn how to get my body where it needs to be in a lift.

Weightlifting requires lots of squats right?  In fact almost every lift we do will end in a squat, so the possibility of having tight hips is likely.  Although, I bet you’d never believe that the top weightlifters in the world are super bendy!  Look at the overhead squat position, a sedentary person who sits in a chair 8 hours a day probably can’t even get into that position!  In fact, I’ve found that even doing a moderately easy yoga class with simple standing poses can unglue some of my tightness. {Although, I still need deep tissue sports massage regularly!!}

This post started as a Top 5 list, however, I’m finding it difficult to narrow down to just five.  For my tight hip body,  it will take hours of daily yoga to unlock all my problem areas and I find I love lifting more than yoga at the moment, so…which poses to do every single day you might ask? Handstands, Back bends, and Twists.  I enjoy teaching yoga to my students and also enjoy the physical benefits of getting to practice it daily.  Best thing to do is to work on your “goats’…the things you stink at.  For me, it’s a fully extended backbend!  And, wow does it feel good when I can do even a partial one.

For more information on yoga, please visit Yoga Journal and seek out a good teacher in your area.  I highly recommend for many reasons!

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