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3 Major Lies about Exercise

Posted Dec 13 2008 11:34pm

liar-liar.jpg As you start your post natal exercise program and workout routines, you’ll be confronted with 3 huge lies about exercise. These are the things I keep hearing from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. I wouldn’t care as much if these lies didn’t act as hurdles for so many well meaning moms as they start on the road to fitness success.

I’m sure there are more than 3 lies you’re going to hear, but these are “The Big Three” causing the most trouble. I’m not going to engage in the debate over low-fat versus low-carb versus high protein. I’ll save that for another day. These are the things we can all agree on and move forward toward our fitness goals.

  1. More is better.
    Even God rested one day a week. It’s probably a good idea you did the same thing. You might want to even consider resting 3 or 4 days each week. Working out is only one half of the fitness equation. The other is resting. Your body regenerates and rebuilds when it’s resting. That’s when your muscles are restored and grow back even stronger. If you’ve been working out 7 days a week, 365 days a year, try this and see if you don’t make even bigger gains than before. You’ll be surprised. Less is more. Workout to live, do live to workout.
  2. I don’t want to look like a guy.
    You won’t! Even if you try with every ounce of energy in your body, you’ll never look like a guy. Moms are always apprehensive when I suggest lifting weights. The instant answer is always “Eeek! It’s so gross when women look like men.” I agree, it is gross, but it won’t happen and here’s why. You don’t have enough testosterone in your body to look like that. If you see a women with all sorts of muscles bulging all over the place, you can almost always bet she’s been artificially enhancing your bodies ability to build muscle.
  3. Reducing fat in specific areas.
    If you do crunches all day long you’ll build the muscles in your abs, but you won’t reduce the fat directly from your belly. It just doesn’t happen. When you burn fat, your body takes it from all over, not just your stomach. It’s impossible to tell your body where you’d like it to burn the fat. This doesn’t mean you can’t do some spot shaping or toning through specific workout routines.

Can we finally put these exercise myths to bed? It’s extremely frustrating to try spot reducing and not get the results. It’s frustrating to try to get in your best shape and shy away from the weight room and there’s nothing more frustrating to workout 7 days a week and not see the results equal the effort. No more lies!

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