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3 Day Juice Cleanse and a Juice Recipe!

Posted Jul 01 2012 12:00am

A couple of weeks ago I watched an engaging documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead …  The basics of this documentary is how a man, Joe Cross, changed his entire health diagnosis and lifestyle by going on a juice diet for sixty days.  He drops a ton of weight and completely REVERSES his dibilitating auto immune disease.

This film is indeed inspiring and it *might* make you tear up…I certainly did.  After watching this documentary I was motivated to jump start my own weight loss journey by cleansing my body of toxins through juicing.  I chose a three day juice cleanse and  I followed the guidelines of a site called Join The Reboot .  This site is fantastic for giving FREE plans for a juice cleanse for 3-15 days. PLUS- it’s affiliated with the documentary and it also includes meal plans and recipes for raw vegetable meals- in case you don’t just want to drink the juice.

Now during these three days I drank a ton of natural organic vegetables and fruits only but I wasn’t really hungry at all.  I didn’t starve like I was scared I would…and I like to eat!  I was so scared that the hunger would be so brutal that I’d gnaw my own arm off, but after a day- all of my cravings STOPPED.   The thought of eating anything processed made me feel sick to my stomach.

And let me tell you…the “cleanse” part is no lie my friends.  The first day was spent in a very close proximity to my bathroom…just an FYI.  By day two I was super tired, run down, and had some pretty narly headaches…which I’ve read is to be expected when you are cleansing toxins from your body… so I pretty much wallowed in laziness all day long.  It was a little uncomfortable- but I got through it.  But day three.. I FELT GREAT!!  I had a ton of energy and a renewed sense of motivation.  I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt and I could have easily gone five days on this- but finally decided to just do three days.  I wanted this to be a precursor to starting a clean- non processed and low glycemic diet and I felt that the best way to do this was to wipe the slate clean so to speak.

Now I didn’t lose a ton of weight on this- but I did feel like my body was recharged and cleansed of all the crap food I had eaten before.  I had just gotten back from vacation and really had not been giving a crap about what I was eating.

So now that I’m all clean- I feel ready to conquer my goals.

Here’s a recipe of one of my favorite juices that my four year old adequately named the “rainbow juice”

By the way- I use a standard Jack Lalane Juicer.  I believe we paid about $99 for it off of Amazon.


Two apples

One tomato

Two carrots

One small lemon

Three kale leaves

Two celery stalks

A handful of blueberries

One Purple Plum

Wash all of your veggies and fruits and add to the juicer!  Easy Peasy!

The apples and the plum make this juice just sweet enough that you really don’t taste the other veggies.  I do, however, sweeten mine with organic apple juice if needed.

I also try to buy organic veggies whenever possible.  They are super expensive- but the green leafy veggies, the carrots, the celery are the most important- so if anything- at least buying those organic helps.

Happy Juicing!!

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