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2 Marathons in a Month? Pro Tips on how to

Posted Nov 12 2013 9:35am

When I signed up for both the Chicago Marathon and the New York Marathon I knew I was making a bold move.

Typically I run up to 2 marathons a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  I had already run LA  in March, but I couldn’t make the decision between Chicago and NYCM. So I choose both!

I closed my eyes and clicked register, knowing that my main focus would be Chicago … I figured that I would think about NYCM after Chicago was done. Logically, that is far from sound and sometime in August I admitted my multi-marathon goal to my coach .  When I finally admitted to Steph that I would be running both she changed my schedule and the way she was coaching me.  In addition to the behind the scenes changes she made, she helped me make 2 very important adjustments to my schedule.

2 day

  • We added in 2 a days .  They were imperative to not only my fitness but also to my brain.  I found that running 2 a days allowed me to see what it was like to run on fatigue.  The majority of days I was NOT excited about run # 2, but pushing through that mental state and running any way gave me confidence that I needed.
  • We focused on keeping me injury free with ab and hip strengthening exercises.  Admittedly I have been a little too busy to make it to my beloved Figure 4, however I have been doing 10-15 mins of strength every day and I have seen a HUGE difference.

The marathons were both a success!

2 mo

In addition I feel great.  Tired and a little raced out mentally, but my body feels fantastic.  I asked Coach Steph if she had any other secrets that she was infusing into my schedule to make the 2 marathons a success and she DID.

1. Have one be the focus and the other for fun. Usually the first should be the focus so you can mentally enjoy running the second.

2. Take a good recovery week of no running or mix it 2-3 20 mins easy flush outs post first marathon.

3. No need to get in any more intense training before the 2nd marathon. You’ve already done the hard work and mileage for the peak marathon so now just keep your body in the routine of training leading up to the 2nd.
4. Don’t think about the 2nd one until you complete the first and primary. This way when you’re hurting at mile 18, you don’t give yourself the out “oh I’m running another one in 5 weeks so I have another shot.”
  Straight from the mouth of a PRO.  Tried and Tested as a success!    All of you super runners out there that bust out a marathon every month … do you have any other tips to add in?
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