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Hello Readers, I’m Back!

Readers! Oh how I have missed you so. Where have I been the past 6 months? Well to be honest, just experiencing life. The ups, the downs, the...

Wedding Decor-The Ceremony

Whew! I must say that while on vacation it can be quite hard to be motivated to write a post, even so open up my laptop to get on the internet....

I Go To Weddings For The Food.

When it came down to planning my wedding 2 years ago, I was definitely a hands on bride. I have specific tastes and when people walked through...

Polka Dot Heels For Sunday And A Trip Back Home.

So it’s Sunday and I just came back from another wonderful morning at church. I happen to think that I have an awesome preacher and I...

Oh How I Love Saturdays.

Happy Saturday to all of you! In case you missed yesterday’s honesty post , please read it. It reminds me of the song, “Take This Job And Shove...

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