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Fit Minded Mom is a blog that follows my journey as a thirty-something mom of two striving to maintain health in both body and mind. Being a mom is the BEST reason to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. As I like to say, A healthy life is a happy life!!
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Family Activity Vacation Guide

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted here because we have had an extremely busy summer. First we had to move house, which was a...

Two Very Fit Professions In America

At a family barbeque a couple of weeks ago I met one of my cousin’s new boyfriend and got into a really interesting discussion about fitness...

My Baby’s First 5K Run

Yes, you read that correctly, my 19 month old baby has been part of 5K charity run which I competed in last weekend. Before you start making...

My First Experiences With Heart Rate Training

Since my fitness levels have improved a lot in the last 12 months I have actually decided to take some bold action and I have signed up for a...

Bring The Gym To Your Home

In my previous post about post-natal exercise plans I briefly mentioned that we were planning to not renew gym membership and use the money to...

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