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Finding Melissa

St Albans, United Kingdom
Finding Melissa is a blog about losing an eating disorder and finding an identity. It's my recovery story from anorexia bulimia, and an attempt to turn my experience into something positive.  
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Finding Melissa. Yet again.

Now that I can honestly say the eating disorder is behind me and I can happily guzzle a box of chocolate seahorses without being paralysed by...

The Causeway

Some posts come already written. This one has felt like pulling teeth. It has been drafted – and then redrafted; started and abandoned a dozen...

Finding Melissa. Again.

It has been 15 days since I last threw up. I think I have broken the cycle. This is the longest I’ve managed since my relapse started,...


I need to check in over here. I wondered whether this belonged on Finding Melissa or my new blog . If I was splintering off from myself again by...

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2011

I started writing a post about Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I stopped because I am not sure, yet, what I’d like to say. That, of all...

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