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Savella and some other tid bits to share

Posted by Staslat

I am on day 4 of taking Savella.  I had not taken any prescription medications for FMS.  There wasn't anything that worked anyway.  Before I started taking Savella, I did pretty good with eating right, plenty of water and most of all detoxifying does wonders even fasting for a day with only water to drink works wonders.  I took Living Food Farm's Barley (Green Life) which did wonders for me!  If anybody wants to try this barley you can check the website at:   They also have RVP (raw vegetable powder) their site explains it all.  I've tried both...both do wonders although I prefer to stick with Green Life.  I rediscovered my preferred food to be vegetarian with occasional chicken, turkey, and salmon.  Green tea with honey and lemon juice or just green tea alone...amongst all the herbal teas, I found some potentials there.  It was trial and error since 1999.

 Another thing--avoid processed foods as well.

Now back to Savella, well, I'm not keen on medications, to me they are "bandaids" and I have absolutely no desire to be taking medications for the rest of my life; however, at this point in time I decided to try what my Dr suggested merely because I developed vertigo.  Nothing else was working for the vertigo even physical therapy did not produce positive results although I continue with the stretches for the neck/shoulders...does wonders especially with just keeping the eyes focused on a point while moving head to one side for 30 sec 3 times each side...then pull head to the side for 30 sec 3 times each side...after that keeping the eyes focused on same spot while turning head side ways...this was to help develop balance and hopefully get the semi canal othlitis into balance--not yet happening.  These stretches are helpful as muscles loosen up and some relief is there although the discomfort of pain is a bruise or a pulled muscle...I noticed my right side improving, the left side has a ways to go...the left side is where the balance is the weakest.

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@Tiffany and TigerLady.  I kinda wondered whether I'd notice any subtle improvements considering that summer season tends to be my best time of the year yet I admit the way my mind is and how I noticed I have a spring to my being have been remarkable!  Even the moodiness fades!  Its been since June 13 to now July 1, 2011...I'm starting to agree with TigerLady...savella works, it seems!  I'm going to give my Dr a ring to allow him to set up a prescription program. I shall see more results in the months to come.

Just to share that Savella works great!! I have been on Savella for awhile now 50mg once morning and once night. A BIG difference! I am now into my workouts!! Eating raw foods and dropping weight. Just an awesome feeling!

How is the Savella working for you?
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