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CHRONIC CASUALTIES by rlee8235 Why?Societal pressure?Weakness? Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Every day we have to fight a war. War against pain, war against fatigue, war again ... Read on »
SEROTONIN SYNDROME: THE POISON APPLE by rlee8235 Things are not always as they seem.The first appearance can deceive many. A friend of mine disappeared from view for awhile. I was concerned but I ... Read on »
LYRICA: ONE AND DONE by rlee8235 It doesn't matter.Every time I watch it.Every single time.I get really ticked off. What am I talking about? I am talking about the truly amazing Lyrica commercial ... Read on »
Reversing Adrenal Exhaustion with LENS Neurofeedback by Darden Burns Patient Expert Adrenal exhaustion or fatigue is a term used in alternative medicine to describe a condition of diminished adrenal function found in persons who have experienced unabat ... Read on »
HOW TO FIGHT FATIGUE? by rlee8235 Really?I didn't know these things.I'm sure they will help.Right. I read an article and it was about fighting fatigue if you've got a chronic illness. It ... Read on »
I JUST LOVE PERSONAL GROWTH by rlee8235 One day it's 90.The next night? It's 49 degrees.It just never stops, does it? I shouldn't say too much about the weather change. I mean, really, ... Read on »
PAIN CATASTROPHIZING AND OTHER NONSENSE by rlee8235 If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,then pain perception is in the eyes of its victim. Sometimes I wonder if the people who research chronic p ... Read on »
WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER DISBELIEF by rlee8235 How do you deal with it?Do you deal with it?Or do you make it worse. I got a comment on a previous post from someone who does not believe that Fibromyal ... Read on »
THE NAME IT AND CLAIM IT THEORY by rlee8235 I've always found this suspect.Now, I know why. I do try to always be respectful of someones belief system. I may not agree with the doctrine but agai ... Read on »