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Why all this arm and chest pain in the night?

Posted by Antoinette

I've posted in Fibromyalgia...but maybe that's not it....


I've been having increasingly sore arms, both, and upper chest pain around 3 am everynight. As though they were incredibly tired, but it hurts a lot. Than I wake up as though I had not rested an ounce, but I go to bed at 9! and get up at 6:30. Usually, this should not be a problem for me at all.
Other notables:
No arm exercice, Pantoloc for stomach problems, tendency to anemia and bad feet cramps lately. On anovulants for bad perios, 46 years old. Female. IT's not getting better, it's increasing, as is my stomach problems. I don't digest well but if no Pantoloc, then all hell breaks loose. No standing, no eating no sleeping.I have stamina problems and I inverse letters on the computer and miswrite below my level. When I exercice, everything gets better (and so it should I guess)
Please help...and thanks for your time.

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Hi Antionette: It isn't possible for anyone to give you any answers unless fibromyalgia has been confirmed by a physician. Often that isn't easy as many doctors are uncomfortable with the label. Yet, it helps so much when we finally have one. The symptoms you have seem to fit with fibro, particularly pains in limbs at night and digestive upsets. I have written about all the difficulties you have on several blogs. Perhaps my website can give you some encouragement as you read comments from others. In the meantime do have yourself thoroughly checked out by a physician who understands what we people with fibro live with everyday. Best wishes, Barbara Keddy


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