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Who would have thought?

Posted Oct 03 2010 12:35am

If anyone has read my blogs, they know that a few months ago I was diagnosed (wrong diagnosis) with GAD... well with extreme pain, and fatigue.  I went to see a Neurologist.  Who had me tested ANA, B12, Rheumitoid factor etc, and thyroid.  Of which all came back.... NORMAL! Thankfully, still with this pain, and some days good and some bad.  My partner and I were doing research (and yes I know that diagnosing yourself isnt the proper way to go about things, but having my nursing back ground, I needed to find some answers)  and every symptom I typed in to the search engine.  And every time she typed in... it came up as Fibromyalgia.  Not to mention some of her patients have it and she was sitting at work one day and was like "LIGHT BULB" I believe this is what is going on with Ami."  so without further a-do.. we researched more and got with my Primary Care Physician.  He read the lab tests which were normal.  And we discussed whole heartedly our findings.  And he smiled, and said.. I was about to say that.  So He perscribed Savella... And I am hoping that it works..  ohhhh and though somewhat still in pain.  Which I know is not going to go away any time soon.. I will continue to have good and bad days.   I discussed with him, this burning sensation on my head, that was painful to touch, and hurt like the dickens.  With red, blister like rash forming... He investigated.  Diagnosis.. shingles, and yes on my head.  Though rare, it is usually found on the trunk or waist, and at times stomach of the body.  But of all places I get it on my head.  And let me tell you, I think I can deal with it much better than the pain that I have been dealing with.  I know there is no cure for Fibromyalgia.. but there are ways to fight back and treat it.  And I am going to do so, with all of my might.  Am so thankful now too that there is a name to what has been causing so much pain and distress.  Thank God!

Smile my shiney happy people!!  Tomorrow is a new day...

with best regards, and many blessings to you all


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