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Who Has The Answers?

Posted Mar 03 2011 7:43am

I wish I knew Religion as she does or as she does but I don’t.

I used to or I thought I did for don’t we believe what we are taught?  I was taught one way never knowing or seeing any other way………….I grew up in one church and not Protestant.  I know nothing of Protestant except the version taught my first 18 years.

Life is different.  I am an adult.  I know new things…true things.  I have been saved from my old life.

I was born in to a new life six years ago on my own on the floor but it was because of the teachings in another church  and denomination.  Again this is what I was taught..this is what I knew and anything different than that I did not know.

I just knew that I was born with forgiveness and a new life ……..

but still doctrine in the four walls.

Now the family belongs to another church with different doctrine but still believing being born again to a new life………….

How do I find out who is right?  Who can tell me which doctrine is correct?  All teachers use scriptures  to explain to me.  But I do not settle.  I have never been one to take one man’s word about the words he reads. That is his interpretation but who is right?

I know the words I read now. I know what I read myself from God’s mouth.  I know “church” is not the doctrine or the building or the people that join in the four walls.  But now we are stuck.  We are involved.  We are deep in these four walls and now another question has arisen??

I don’t settle.  I need explanation.  I need the answer.  It will determine what I tell my husband…… I explain to my husband because I am trying to follow him as a Christian wife should.

I am not a scholar but I have a brain.  I just don’t have the degree and the years of comparing version to version or interpreting HIS word.  My husband knows this too.  He is as new as me.  He understands my need for answers.

It seems to belong to a community I need to agree with them………………how do I do this if I only have their explanation with scripture references that out of context seem to match up?  They have the degree…the training.

This is what I do know now.

I know I have been born to a new life.  I know he forgives me.  I know he love me. I know I have grace.  I know I need to give grace……….but……………

I….. we….my family…………..we need a community in a building…………..I know nothing of reformed or others.  I just want to live love, have grace and give grace.

I know what “community” is and I know I don’t have to have four walls to get it.  I have it with my friends online.  I have it with the friends at the building. I have with my neighbors.  I have it with my women friends.

But I want a church community within four walls.

How do I get it?

Who has the answers?

I am linking up to SomeGirl’s Website today on Thought Provoking Thursday!  Won’t you join us?

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