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Where do fellow Fibro sufferers think the best warm-weather place is to live?

Posted by JulieC3

I discovered a few months ago, during a trip to Miami for pain treatment, that the hot, sunny weather helps my Fibro pain (and my poor SAD-affected brain!) tremendously...

I was considering relocating to that area, but was unable to find adequate support and services.  Therefore, I am looking elsewhere.  The options are:

California - anywhere there since I spent 10 years in the 'land of the fruits and nuts' (as my ex-mother in law used to call it), and absolutely would LOVE to go back!

Arizona - hot and dry most of the year!

Nevada - same; nice weather, and no state taxes!

Florida - Gulf Coast side.

My dilemmas in making this move are:

1. Cost of living

2.  Support services available

3. Treatment providers - i.e. GOOD ones

I would appreciate ANY input on this as I MUST leave Western NY...too cold, not enough sun, and negative, crabby people here.


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Hi Julie: last year I wrote a blog

Last year you wrote a blog....that's all I got of your reply.
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