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What worked for me, part II

Posted Oct 23 2008 5:50pm

Part III here

This is the 2nd installment in a short series of posts about "What worked for me." Part I can be found here. One of my biggest impediments to healing was a great surprise to me, my own beliefs. Are your beliefs limiting your healing? Take a moment to answer the following polls. I came to discover that I thought I was answering questions like these correctly, but with the help of a skilled coach, I learned I was unaware of the true beliefs that became ingrained in my subconsious over a long period of time. How could I not even know what I truly believed? But I didn't, especially in the area of identity, and that stifled my ability to heal.
Beliefs about Cause:

Beliefs about Meaning:

Beliefs about Identity:

If you notice any limiting beliefs you hold, a process called Neuro-linguistic programming can help you change at the deepest levels. Therapists work with clients on how to change limiting beliefs, how to be congruent with what you want, and how to install a belief that you believe is possible for you to adopt. If any one of these things are missing, the change won't be complete. You can want to heal, believe you can do it: but if you don't know how, you don't have the physiology, or you don't have the right strategy, you may experience difficulty.

I had the good fortune to work with a life coach for a year who was a trained NLP practitioner. It was shocking to become aware of all the hidden beliefs I held which were limiting my ability to heal. If this might be part of the problem for you, as I suspect it is for most people, then consider NLP as part of your healing program.

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