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Want a proper suggetion.......

Posted by bharagv

My brother is 13 years old....& he is complaining that he seems blueish boundries around the lighting source...& he also complains that the distanced things are seen obscured to him & nearer things became doubled for him... he has +1.15 & +1.5 eye numbers in left & right eye...We have done gluacoma test & the result is normal....Doctors says that the all eye-tastes are done & all are normal.....And Doctors says that it is due to weak eye-muscles or miaopia.....He can read but he has to use +2.5 D eye glasses........Whats ur thinking in this case???& how should he cover his proper eye-sight???
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in this case there some cerrtain eyes exercises to strong the eyes muscles and some homoeo medicines can help for this u have to is this trouble from birth or after
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