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Upper body pain, headaches, and vomitting.

Posted by sarahdavis09

I have heard most of these symptoms sometimes have to do with fibromyalgia. I cannot sleep well without waking up in pain or waking up and vomitting. I have chronice headaches and a lot of  upper body pain mostly in the arms, shoulders, chest, and head. Sometimes the pain migrates to my upper back and also my legs occasionally. The pain is usually dull unless it is in my chest it is mostly dull but sometimes sharp. This usually happens while I am sleeping or when I wake up and sometimes if I do something over and over again, such as walking up stairs and back down two or three times an hour I will hurt. I get dizzy very easily especially when I do too much too fast. I am very weak and get winded and fatigued VERY easily. I have constant and severe headaches. I have been getting very forgetful but I am also pregnant (23 weeks) and do not know if most of this could just be associated with pregnancy. This has gone on for roughly 6-7 months. I don't know if these have anything to do with fibromyalgia but my mouth is usually dry and I am chronically conjested and I have to use Nasal Deconjestants quite often (More than twice a day). I do not know what to do and do not have a primary care physician and I am extremely frustrated I keep feeling this way. I am not sure what I should do or if this is all in my head! I just want this pain to stop!
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