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Three Fantastic Things!

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:46pm
Now that James has recovered, my mind is free to once again consider my current place in the world. I started suffering the blues with the upcoming anniversary of my job search, analyzing why I've been overlooked for so many positions. I considered what I could do to change the impression I give, including adding certifications to my resume and changing my hair and style of dress for the interview.

Then, last night I received three amazing pieces of news that have transformed my frame of mind.

One, I learned that my step-mother is recovering from the mastectomy and reconstruction that followed her first surgery . She's only taking Tylenol for pain and her lymph nodes are clean.

Second, I got my official acceptance to graduate school. This means I need to work whatever job I get around classroom lessons which are the most important thing. Now I need to worry primarily about how I'll pay for this. With a bit of luck, I'll get enough aid to concentrate on classes alone. I do think it's time I, at very least, look into volunteering at the library to get my foot in the door.

Third, history was made, when little Asheboro, home of the North Carolina Zoo, ceased to be the largest dry town East of the Mississippi River! I can't get a six-pack of beer at the grocery store yet or a Whiskey Sour at any nearby restaurant, but it's only a matter of time! Perhaps I should take a mixology course so I can work as a bartender? (That's a rhetorical question...I don't think I can handle restaurant work at my age.)
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