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there is Moncler Outlet a lot of girls I see the

Posted Nov 13 2012 7:48am

We can always be seen in the street wear   long down jacket for women, three times scarf girls swing slowly walking around the neck, almost unable to tell the gender back, not to talk about what the contours and stylish. Is not up and down in zero when ladies can only give up sexy and fashion it? The answer is: just make some small changes, the ladies can still Paul with warm premise groomed.

Whenever then down jacket will be mentioned on the seasonal purchasing single, after all, the season in below freezing, wearing it is the most warm and comfortable. And With fashion constantly promote, down jacket already get rid of the heavy traditional concept not only increasingly thin material, and design a more self-cultivation, a popular choice to become popular.

Remember this thing in real life with the word sexy is unrelated to the high collar, but unfortunately there is Moncler Outlet a lot of girls I see the temperature drops immediately pulls out can Moncler Sale fold on it three times the high neckline to cover the neck weatherization (the most common style sweater and the so-called “bottoming shirt), not knowing all the skin over the chest all cover will look how stereotypical boring! And you can look in the mirror to do an experiment to prove that wearing a V-neck, your face looks than wear high-necked, small circle. It is said that the neck is indeed the place where the body heat the fastest, but not because of this reason to wear a mask to the chin high neckline erase the word sexy, our advice is: put a V-neck, exposing the neck or even part of the Moncler Jackets front chest, the Outdoor neck warm work to do. scarves or cashmere scarf Indoor rid scarf you have enough skin exposed, plus the to wear properly necklace or earrings, the part above your chest at least indoors can be kept as light and charming like the spring and summer. Thick sweater, cashmere sweater can buy deep V Jixin Ling or small V-neck styles during the day in addition to worn alone with a gold necklace or scarf, can also be on the inside to catch shirt As for the clasp buckle where Lanvin jacket so that the wearer is exposed the slim neck problems you do not have to say it.

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