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The teachings of fibromyalgia: What fibromyalgia has taught me

Posted Aug 16 2012 12:47pm


Today I read this article on WebMD: 10 things that lupus has given me  and it got me thinking about what I have learned because of having fibromyalgia, both the good and the bad

1. Moderation: I know a couple of people who know me might read that and laugh because yes I do still have a tendency to do way too much when I have a little energy, but I think I am learning all the time that doing a little bit every day beats doing a whole lot in one day every time.

2. Comfort: I have learned that being comfortable is more important than a lot of things, fashion and money being just two of them.

3. Respect for my body: Before fibro I thought nothing of running my body down, banking on being able to make up for the lost sleep, or the strained muscles in the future, now I have a greater appreciation for the cumalative affects of daily overuse, and I have respect for my body and its need for breaks.

4. Cheaper is not always better: cheap shoes, cheap mattresses, cheap chairs and sofas, these things are cheap for a reason and while financially it might seem like it makes sense to make a saving where I can, I will end up paying for it 10 times over in massages and lost productivity.

5. To ask for help: it has taken me time, and I am still working on it, but I have gotten much better at accepting the fact that I cannot do everything myself and a lot of the time people want to help. 
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