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The story in which I end up with numb balls...

Posted Mar 02 2011 12:00am
The story goes a little something like this...
This afternoon I was looking up stuff on the computer, I had been on the computer about 30-40 minutes. Then all of a sudden my vision got blurry. You know when you go for an eye exam and they're checking for your prescription and they bring down the lens that really blurs your vision? Yeah, that's how my vision got. I called my husband and I blurrily looked up my health plan's website to check for symptoms... no, not having a stroke. Nope, no injury to the eye. A bunch of other questions that led their system to tell me to get medical care right away. I called the advice nurse who spoke to the Emergency Room doctor who said they should send a message to my doctor's office to see what they recommended. Turns out after the doctor called back they sent me to the ER anyways. I'll get back to that in a minute. You need to know that I don't wear glasses or contacts for this next part.

My husband called me a smart ass. I agree I can be a smart ass but as my brother-in-law once said "Better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass." The conversation leading up to my husband's comment went like this
Me: "The advice nurse asked me if I wear glasses or contacts. What if I answered yes? Would the next question be if I'm wearing them right now."

Him: "Probably."

Me: "What if I said that I wasn't wearing them? Do you think they would ask me to put them on?"

Him: "I don't know"

Me: "What if I called saying my vision got blurry, they asked me if I wear glasses, I said yes. Then they asked me if I'm wearing them now and I said no. Then they said to put them on and all of a sudden my vision got clear again. What do you think they would do then?"

Him: "You can be such a smart ass..."

So, it turns out that since I have a history of migraines they think this may be a new migraine symptom, even though I didn't have the piercing headache. They made me stand in the hallway and read the eye chart on the wall. I had to do the eye exam with the machine that shines the light in the eyes. Then the doctor checked the pressure of my eyeball and to do that the doctor put numbing eyedrops in my eyes. And that is how I ended up with numb balls.... eyeballs, that is.
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