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The Lengthy Symptom list for Fibromyalgia

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:43pm 1 Comment

The guides to FMS at have put together a rather exhaustive list of FMS symptoms that has completely knocked my sox off.

Here is their list:

General Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Delayed reactions to physical exertion or stressful events
* Other family members with fibromyalgia (genetic predisposition)
* Sweats
* Unexplained weight gain or loss
* Cravings for carbohydrate and chocolate
* Headaches & migraines

Muscle & Tissue-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Morning stiffness
* Muscle twitches
* Diffuse swelling
* Fibrocystic (lumpy, tender) breasts (as an overlapping condition)

Sinus & Allergy-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Allergies
* Post nasal drip
* Runny nose
* Mold & yeast sensitivity
* Shortness of breath
* Earaches & itchy ears
* Ringing ears (tinitis)
* Thick secretions

Sleep-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Light and/or broken sleep pattern with unrefreshing sleep
* Fatigue
* Sleep starts (falling sensations)
* Twitchy muscles at night
* Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Reproductive Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Menstrual problems
* PMS (as an overlapping condition)
* Loss of libido
* Impotence

Abdominal & Excretory Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Bloating & nausea
* Abdominal cramps
* Pelvic pain
* Irritable bowel syndrome (as an overlapping condition)
* Urinary frequency

Cognitive (fibrofog) Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Difficulty speaking known words
* Directional disorientation
* Loss of ability to distinguish some shades of colors
* Short-term memory impairment
* Confusion
* Trouble concentrating
* Staring into space before brain “kicks in”
* Inability to recognize familiar surroundings

Sensory Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Sensitivity to odors
* Sensitivity to pressure changes, temperature & humidity
* Sensitivity to light
* Night driving difficulty
* Sensory overload
* Paresthesias in the upper limbs(tingling or burning sensations)

Emotional Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Panic attacks
* Depression (as an overlapping condition)
* Tendency to cry easily
* Free-floating anxiety (not associated with situation or object)
* Mood swings
* Unaccountable irritability

Heart-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Mitral valve prolapse (as an overlapping condition)
* Rapid, fluttery, irregular heartbeat
* Pain that mimics heart attack, frequently from costochondritis (as an overlapping condition)

Skin, Hair & Nail-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Pronounced nail ridges
* Nails that curve under
* Mottled skin
* Bruising or scaring easily
* Hair loss (temporary)
* Tissue overgrowth (non-cancerous tumors, ingrown hairs, heavy and splitting cuticles, adhesions)

Miscellaneous Fibromyalgia Symptoms

* Hemorrhoids
* Nose bleeds


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I have had fibro for several years, but still don't want to accept some of the symptoms as related to fibro.  It is hard to understand that this disease can cause so much havoc.  Every time I eat I feel sick all over, if I do anything at all I feel like my guts are falling out and I get weak followed by a bout of diarrehia.  I wake up in the middle of the night feeling so bad I find myself crying out "I am sooooo sick" and feeling like I won't make it til morning.  My upper body is so weak just sitting and folding clothes makes me need to lie down for a nap of 4-5 hours.  I litterly can't wake up.  I don't hear a thing during these long naps.  My quality of life sucks.  I can only do one or two things and then I am in bed.  I don't even get up to eat and I wake up feeling like I am totally dehydrated.  When I drink water the sickness is back again.  does anyone else have these symptoms or could it not be from fibromyalgia.  By the way I have had every test under the sun and they are all normal.
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