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The Gas in Your Car is not the Only Form on the Rise!

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:05pm

IBS and Fibromyalgia are linked like “Money and Change!” If you have Money There is bound to be some change! The problem is IBS is on the rise and over 70% of those with Fibromyalgia have or will have IBS problems in their life. No one truly knows why this occurs but that is no comfort for IBS suffers.

The doctors try to sugar coat it and say that IBS causes minor problems….but those of us with this and Fibromyalgia know that he is just making a said attempt at cheering us up…!

Fibromyalgia enhances EVERY pain you suffer…including IBS! IBS is just a sensitivity of the Intestines. Causing discomfort when going through the digestive process.

Women understand the levels of severity in cramps a little better then men. However IBS is causing them to understand us a little better these days. IBS is triggered by all types of things, below are some of the triggers I have come across in my experiences( keep in mind everyones different):

Triggers For IBS:

1. Dairy Products

2. caffines/carbonated-beverages

3. Fried Foods

4. Hot dogs

5. stress

6. Lack of sleep

7. Rise in Blood-Pressure

8. Elevated Blood Sugars

I struggle everyday to find all my triggers. The triggers very from person to person. The best way to find yours is to log your activity and food intake for at least a month. Monitor what foods do, and what activities do. Then start from there. My best advice is if you find something not sitting right… DON’T E AT IT!

Until next time…


Lisa Robertson

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