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Symptoms of muscle pain and body aches (usually called fibromyalgia) may be treated with herbal formula Anatrin

Posted Jun 30 2010 5:17pm

3 to 6 million Americans experience fatigue accompanied by muscle soreness and tender points, but the cause of these symptoms is misunderstood. People with these symptoms may look well, but feel miserable.

People may not appreciate what a sufferer is going through and persons are often criticized for suffering from an "imagined" illness. If this condition remains unrecognized or is not addressed it can wreak havoc on all areas of a person's life; including social, professional, and psychological well being.



Anatrin has been developed for such a purpose- to lend you self-support, both emotionally and physically, through nutritional supplementation.

When included as part of your dietary modifications, Anatrin can be extremely useful for controlling the symptoms of fatigue accompanied by muscle soreness and tender points.

People who experience fatigue accompanied by muscle soreness and tender points may also experience secondary symptoms:

  • sleep disturbances,
  • morning stiffness,
  • occasional numbness or tingling of the extremities,
  • temperature sensitivity,
  • occasional memory problems (sometimes referred to as "fibro fog"), or

Addressing these symptoms is difficult because, again, the cause is still not known. Relaxation techniques, stress reduction, exercise, sleep, stretching, massage, and hot and cold applications are all recommended to treat pain and stiffness.

Other techniques may also provide some use, as they focus on underlying factors that can contribute to the symptoms, such as low nutrient levels, oxidative stress, and neurotransmitter deregulation.

Existing literature confirms the low levels of; intracellular magnesium, B12, whole body potassium, and intracellular ATP. In addition to these dietary inadequacies, persons with these symptoms often have problems regulating sleep patterns.

Anatrin not only addresses primary nutritional needs, it also helps to regulate sleeping patterns and enhance serotonin levels while boosting intracellular ATP. In fact, many top physicians have recognized the benefits of the same ingredients found in Anatrin, as each is backed by extensive scientific study.

What's inside each bottle of Anatrin?

  • Magnesium for the resolution of common symptoms.

  • Ascorbigen and Broccoli Powder: Ascorbigen is one of the most common medicinal compounds, called indoles, released when cruciferous vegetables are cooked. These types of indoles can help detoxify the liver.

  • Rhodiola rosea Extract for treating functional fatigue and mild cognitive decline. The compounds in this plant have also been shown to increase ATP production.

  • Ginger root Extract for minor pain relief.

  • A number of clinical studies have supported 5-HTP's role in the production of serotonin.

  • Melatonin is a naturally produced biochemical that is secreted from the pineal gland at the base of the brain, which controls circadian rhythms and plays a major role in sleep cycles.

  • Malic acid is a naturally occurring chemical found most notably in apple juice. It helps improve absorption of some nutrients like magnesium, as well working to reduce minor pain and tenderness of pressure points.

  • Learn More about Anatrni from Progressive Health


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