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Socks, socks and more socks

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:19pm

A friend and I have been knitting together, we meet at least once a week to work on our projects. Up until now we've been working on different scarves and then he found this book and we thought we should try it. Well... we had quite an adventure getting started.

First of all, on this day I had both my children because they hadn't started school yet. Most of the time they are just fine, this day they were both a little insane.

Then, we had to go to three stores to find the right needle, a 40" size 4 circular needle. The first shop only had 36" needles, the woman at the second store was uptight and rude without any needles and no good options. At the third store the owner was wonderful, she was helpful, had exactly what we needed, showed us different options for what we were looking for and genuinely seemed to want to help us. We've decided that we will continue to visit this store and will not likely return to the second store. The first store is good for affordable, commonly found yarn so we'll go back there, just not to look for 40" circulars.

When we finally got started with this sample toddler sock project that the author recommends it was somewhat of a nightmare. It was confusing and there were points where we had no clue what was next or what the instructions even meant. We went online and found posts on Ravelry forums that indicated that there were errors but more than anything we found out that it was common to want to throw the book out the window and give up. We finally got it working but we were exhausted because like I said my kids were just a little INSANE and we were close behind them.

We took a break out to Borders so I could also pick up a copy of the book so I could follow along on my own copy. My kids stayed with Mr. Bubba so we could have some respite. After nearly being run over in the mall parking lot, we were looking at the knitting books when all of a sudden there was a loud, long sound - I thought my friend was making noise, he thought I was making noise, neither of us was making noise... a man who was walking down the aisle, stopped at the end of the aisle, there were no books where he stood and ripped a loooooong, loud fart. Yes, we were farted at. We ran away in horror, as did the other lady standing in the aisle. It was a great way to top off an exhausting day with insane children, hard to find knitting needles, and nearly impossible to follow knitting instructions. At least we had a good laugh about it.... I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

So now, we've got socks started and they actually look like socks. We figured out how to follow the book and are taking each step slowly to make sure we understand what the author means. We also joined the Ravelry group dedicated to this book. You can find me on Ravelry as MrsBubba and get to know more about my knitting projects and my yarn stash.

Happy farting... I mean knitting!
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