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SOC Sunday - 2.20.2011 - The Art of Letting Go

Posted Feb 20 2011 12:00am
Welcome to another installment of SOC Sunday, Stream of Consciousness Sunday, that is. Want to know more about SOC Sunday? Click on the button.


This week I found myself with the biggest challenge I have faced as a parent. I've never had to deal with anything remotely like the situation we dealt with this week. I won't go into details, there's no point. It was a HUGE lesson in letting go. I can't always wrap my arms around my boys to shield them from life. As much as I want to make sure they never feel pain, I know there's no way I can. I know it won't help them in the long run. They have to deal with hard stuff as they grow up with us by their side to provide them with guidance, support, and most of all love as they get through stuff.

It's one of the hardest things to deal with feeling like my hands are tied. I have a family member in a situation with one of her kids that makes the social worker in me scream at what it is that I am understanding that their situation is. I look at everything that is going on with them and I can't help but think that they are not receiving the care they need, she's not receiving the appropriate support and it's taking everything I have in me not to call their service providers and scream. If I could I would get on the next plane to Texas as it's breaking my heart to see what they are going through.

But this week I've had to sit back, breathe deeply, let go and trust that everything will be what it is supposed to be.


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