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So today is my first day back ...

Posted Feb 15 2012 4:11am
So today is my first day back at university. I think it's been months at least since I was last there. I couldn't sleep last night I was so nervous. I used to get excited about learning something new and think about whether I would enjoy a new seminar, that kind of thing, now all I worry about is not falling asleep during class, or being in so much pain that I don't take in a word of what is being said. Do other people with FMS find themselves getting really sleepy during the day? Once I attended this day long workshop for people with FMS and it seemed like the majority of other people there couldn't sleep, there was only one other woman there who sleeps all the time like I do. Although near the end of the day they tried to demonstrate a simple meditation for us and they asked us all to lie on the floor and every single one of us fell asleep, which I thought was pretty impressive considering it was just normal hard flooring. I would love to know if there are others out there who sleep as much as I do, because really sometimes I feel so alone with my need to sleep 12+ hours a day. I think people who don't need to sleep that long think of it as a luxury, I think it's hard for them to imagine their body not functioning without that much sleep.
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