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So today I am feeling the effe ...

Posted Feb 16 2012 11:02am
So today I am feeling the effects of using so much energy yesterday. I was so excited about my thesis after the seminar that I spent most of the evening talking on the phone about it with my friend and looking up different information about it on-line. I eventually went to bed at 3 a.m so today I feel thoroughly exhausted. It still surprises me sometimes that one day with a little more activity than normal can leave me feeling this drained.

I was supposed to go to the optician's today to get a check-up and I cancelled. Sometimes even 10 minutes of driving seems like climbing Mount Everest.

(Ok so I checked out grammer girl's website to find out whether I should be using affect or effect in the first sentence of this post, and it didn't clarify things for me. Maybe its the fibrofog and it will make sense tomorrow. For now I am gonna leave it as effects)

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