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Questions, Questions and More Questions!

Posted Jan 04 2011 1:23pm
Hello, good friends and family!  Hope the first week of the New Year is going well for you.  I've had some ups and downs, so I don't know how to answer that appropriately yet!  I visited Fed-Ex's site and finally they updated it.  My reader should be in today.  Yay!!  I just hope the blasted thing works OK.  I have to set up the internet for it, so wish me luck.  I figured I would blog first and then play around with the reader when it comes.  It probably will take me a couple of days to set it up and get my e-books.  I'm so excited!!!  It will be the perfect thing to take with me to the hospital when I have the bariatric surgery.  (Provided that I WILL have the surgery!!)  I lost 25 pounds at my last doctor appointment.  I was so proud of myself, as I have been "pretending" I've had the surgery and doing severe portion control with everything.  So I can still lose weight, even without having the surgery.  I figured I'd start that just in case the insurance doesn't approve of the surgery.  The insurance I'm on has banned organ transplant procedures, so you never know what they will and will not cover.

Speaking of weight loss, I have NORMAL feet again!!!!  Both of my ankles and calves are back to what they used to be.  Yay!!  Unfortunately, the neuropathy is just as worse as ever.  Pain and hot prickly surges go up my legs, starting from my toes.  I don't think that will ever leave, unless I have surgery to de-compress the nerves that are pinched in my lower lumbar vertabrae.  Ugh!!  It's always something, isn't it????  At least I can go from a size 11 woman's shoe back to a 10.  Horray!!

And, yesterday I got a letter from the "lawyer from Hell."  She sent a subpeona (hope I spelled that right!) to an evaluator (she never said who....what's up with that?  It's MY case and she's keeping secrets from me!!) about my case.  This person will provide medical records in my case.  He/She will also testify at the trial.  I've got so many questions for this lawyer, and she won't listen to any of them.  I've got mixed feelings about this trial.  Should I still go?  Even though she said over the phone I didn't have a good case?  And if I DID  win, what would happen then?  I'd lose my state issued insurance for sure.  And I can't go on Medicare for another two years.  So I'd lose all health insurance.  My medications ALONE would cost most of the check.  It's not like we would benefit any from me getting a check at this point.  I just don't know what to do!!!  My family is putting it all up to me.  Yikes!!  If you've got some advice for me, I would love to hear it!!

I was taking a peek at my new camera and downloaded a few new pics of Jack that I took.  One is perfect for "Wordless Wednesday."  You will see that tomorrow.  :0)  But here is a close up of his adorable "lion cut."  I paid $55.00 on that so I love to show it off.  I also love spending time with Jack.  His world is so simple.  Eat, drink, potty and then lay with his "people."  That being me and my hubby.  No worries, no cares in the world.  Where do I sign up for that life????
Isn't he the cutest?  He knows it, too!!!  I just love the little plume on the end of his tail.
OK, I guess that is enough of my ranting for now.  Hope I didn't bore everyone into a coma about my goings-on with the Social Security and Medicare.  It bores me sometimes!!!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.  I'm thinking about you all!!
Big hugs from me to you!!!
God bless,

PS....I EMAILED THE WINNER'S ADDRESSES TO THE CONTACT PERSON SPONSORING MY CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY.  Big Thank-you to Sandy who sponsored me.  May we do this again soon!!  :0)
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