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Party Time

Posted Mar 21 2009 12:00am
Welcome to all of you blog partiers!!!! Let me take a few minutes to tell you about my blog. I am a brand new blogger, all of a couple of months. I am trying to figure out this blogging thing on my own and I am learning by reading many other fantastic blogs just like the one you are coming from. I just found the 5 minutes for mom site yesterday and had no idea about this great party. And am I up for a party. I am a sahm of two beautiful kids, a seven year old sassy going on sixteen girlie girl and a almost four year old power ranger high kicking, super hero loving boy. I have been married eight years to the most amazing laundry, cleaning, bath giving, supportive man in the world.

We were going along happily, sort of ,until about 2 1/2 years ago while I was working full time with my babies in day care when out of the blue some silly medical issue hit me and I couldn't walk or do anything without pain shooting down my back and legs. This led to me going on medical leave and becoming a sahm. I have been through medical test after test, mri after mri, medication after medication, epidural after epidural, trigger point injection after injection, chiropractor, massage therapy, pool therapy, physical therapy, name it, I have done it...Now two years later we are still searching for answers to my pain and the doctors say on top of what ever is wrong with me, I have now developed fibromyalgia.

The blessing in disguise and possibly the plan from the man above is that I became a sahm instead of a full time working, daycare paying parent with little time with her precious babies, a practicing Christian on a daily journey to learn more about my Christian life instead of a once in a blue moon Sunday church goer that didn't implement the Christian life into her family life, a couponaholic learning to be frugal shopper instead of a spendaholic, and a joy filled, content and devoted Christian wife instead of control freak, I am always right, independent married woman.

This blog is for all women but especially those that deal with any chronic pain day in, day out, while trying to raise their babies at home, be a great wife even though pain consumes their lives, live a frugal lifestyle because they are unable to work or just want to and also believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior and want to make that the top priority of their home and know that there is a great plan waiting for them even though they sometimes can't get through the day without questioning what this pain filled plan is supposed to be.

I am just learning how to blog and add to my blog and I hope to make it a great place for all women to come and get some important information that they can use in their lives. Thank you for visiting my blog and leave me a message if you have any ideas for me, great places to visit, or even some tips on what the heck I am supposed to be doing as I am just starting this blog.

Have a great time partying and do a little extra for me cause I am here laying on my heating pad with a not so great partying back ache!!!!


Wait just a minute.......let's not forget all those awesome prizes. I was just amazed at the prizes listed and had a hard time deciding what I wanted. If I could win the INTL prizes, I would list all of those that had to do with this blog and helping me design a wonderful place for people to visit like INTL 1, 23, 25,33, 35,36,46, 57 and 69. If I could win the USC then I would have to go with US 57. Now if I just want to win prizes for me and my family then it would have to be gift cards offered to help me with my new frugal spending like 1,19,21, 22, 26 and 91, and USC 56. Okay, now if I want to win some awesome gifts then I would love to win 56 art supplies, 58 mixer, USC 16 jewelry, USC 28 mommy necklace, USC 26 jammies, and to top off the list I would like to win USC 39 which intrigues me because of my condition.......beads that help pain! Now wouldn't that be awesome if they work. There are so many awesome prizes that I made a list of 30 prizes that I would love but honestly I would be so grateful for anything. I just think this is a great party and I can't wait to visit more blogs and meet more people.

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