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Numb Your Nerves: Stop Your Chronic Pain

Posted May 31 2010 10:51am

Last month, my doctor said he wanted to use ultrasound guided nerve block injections to numb my injured nerves that are constantly flooding my body with pain signals.

I jumped at the chance even though it meant getting shots in my head, hoping that they might finally stop the daily throbbing neck pain and eye pain.

I asked what I could expect from a trigeminal and occipital nerve block .

My doctor explained that he wanted to essentially "reboot my body."  

Like a malfunctioning computer that's jammed with too many cross signals, my nerves have been overloading my body with an abnormally high amount of pain signals for nearly four years. 

As a result, my body has been continually stressed and wound up because of its need to constantly respond to the misfired pain signals.

"When numbed, your nerves will stop flooding your system with pain impulses. Hopefully, this will give your nerves a chance to desensitize and remember what it was like to be normal.  Ideally, the rest of your body can then stop being in a constant state of pain or anticipated pain."

My body might finally begin to recalibrate and heal.

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