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My sister was diagnosed with fibromyalgia , but she is developing strange new symptoms

Posted by kristen7_9

About 15 years ago my sister developed a problem that started in her ears and was told that her psyatic nerve was causing it. She had intense itching and burning in both of her ears. It is a daily issue that she deals with that has never eased up to this day. Then last year she started to have bouts of burning and pain on the surface of her skin that was very painful to her, she was diagnosed fibromyalgia and was also told that her ear issues were possibly caused by this. A week ago ago my sister woke up and thought she had a stroke. The right side of her face is parylyzed and she could not close her right eye. She lost a great deal of the hearing loss in her right ear, and the entire right side of her face is droopy . She went to the ER and was told that she has bells palsy. I thought that it is a strange coincidence that she has all of these seperate, unrelated nerve disorders. I was wondering if it is possible that she keeps getting misdiagnosed and perhaps there is a disorder that contains all of these symptoms.
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