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my journey with fibromyalgia

Posted Apr 04 2011 2:23pm

hello! well this is my first time on wellsphere. right as my life was finally coming together, i had found the career of my dreams as a shelter veterinarian at our local animal control facility (i know, doesn't sound like a dream career, does it?!!) it became my greatest passion. 2 and a half years into it, i suffered some sort of collapse. i thought it was just exhaustion. i got up one day, and couldn't even get dressed. i called my boss, and told him i had come to the end of the road, i had to quit. i slept for a full week. my dad had passed away 6 months prior, and i was in good shape financially, so i decided to take some time to get things in order that i had let slip. my first priority was to get some major repairs on my home. i had also inherited a river cabin, so i and my little crew of rescues (dogs) moved to the cabin while the work was going on in the house. i knew something was still wrong with me. finally, in just absolutely screaming pain, i went right away to a new doctor, the diagnosis was fibromyalgia.

that was in 2005, and from that point on, my life began to slowly self destruct. it was an horrific 5 years before i finally found a doctor who understood fibro in ways no other doctor did. since then i have been improving slowly. i am still too sick to work, but i am getting better and better. i want to share my story with other fibro people, and hear their stories as well.

i am going to be 59 next month, and i am basically beginning my life over, almost from scratch. but at least i have a life now! i can't describe how good it felt this past summer, when i was feeling the best i have since was so awesome that all the bad from the past just melted away. i was on top of the world and i didn't care how dirt poor i was, i didn't care about the detruction wreaked on my life by this disease, i just felt good. i felt GOOD. i never thought i would feel that way again. i have had some setbacks (little ones) over the winter but that's okay. you never know from day to day what the fibromyalga devil will put before you. but now i have tools with which to fight back.



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