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My arm pits hurt, tender to touch, right breast hurts, I am tired.My joints are aching as well. I have had zero energy for days

Posted by jakjr65

I have been feeling awful. was diagnosed 10 years ago with fibromyalgia.this past week I have felt horrible. my right breast hurts. my arm pits are sore, burning and tender to touch. my joints ache  and I feel exhausted. what could it be? my fibro?
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You sound so much like me!!  But all of mine is on my left side.  Over the past month I have added neck and jaw pain to my list.  The Dr.'s all tell me it is the fibromyalgia, but telling the head that is a different story!  I fell as if I am a heart attack waiting.  I wish there was more known about fibromyalgia, I just don't think "normal" people know what we go through.
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