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muscle spasm in my stomach ???

Posted by elena r.

I am not diagnosed w Fibromyalgia, but I am been experience some weird sensation in my stomach, like an extra heart bit, but is not painful, is like when you are pregnant and your baby moves....that kind the feeling is so  hard to explain, but scares me , as a matter of fact I just came from the Doctor's office and she(MD) said that is muscle spasm in my stomach, and of course prescribed medicine for it. Does anyone suffer or have this weird sensation? please let me know, Thx!
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I have the same symptom but the doctor did nothing for me. Guess I'm going have to go to a stomach doctor. I only feel it when im lying on my side or stomach but it dont hurt not all the time.
I have the same exact symtoms. I have know idea what it is. It seems like it started when I began taking percocet. I don't know if there is a connection. It does seem llike an extra heart beat. Sometimes it even cramps up but doesn't really hurt. its like a tightening. Sitting in certain positions triggers it.
i have the same thing, spasms in my stomach right under my sternum. this started 2 days ago right after i woke up with diahrrea in the middle of the night. i had eaten fast food while i was on a roadtrip. normally my diet is clean, mostly raw foods and otherwise very healthy. these spasms continue and i notice them more after i eat/drink. it literally feels like a couple heartbeats in my stomach. so strange! i'm not worried though as i believe my body will heal what is happening as i get back on my healthy diet.
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