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Moving up the Emotional Scale

Posted Oct 23 2008 5:50pm

Feeling better is a choice, even when we are in deep pain. Learn to move up the emotional scale, even just a tiny bit. The more you practice, the better you'll feel. Here's a linkfest of some the best articles on this. If you find others, please post in the comments!

Climbing the Emotional Guidance Scale by Kate Corbin
"Your Emotional Guidance System lets you know if you’re directing your life toward pain or toward pleasure."

What the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks can do for you at Creating a Better Life

"It gave me permission to be angry and blaming. If I could look at anger and blame as a step up from depression, while they aren ’t ideal, at least they are movement toward joy. Without giving myself that permission, I would stay stuck in depression for weeks.
It made me realize that a quantum leap from depression to joy wasn ’t necessary, or usually even possible. Before this, I was always looking for that one big thing that would finally make me OK. I understand now that joy is a process, not an event.
It improved my honesty about my emotions, which allowed me to work through them. Being depressed and angry, but plastering a smile on my face, did nothing for myself or others. Nothing will change if we aren ’t honest about where we are. "

The Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale at Contemplate This
"This is the scale..."

The Emotional Scale of Abraham at Jacob Glass Ministries
"Wherever you are on the emotional scale is appropriate. You are not wrong to be where you are. Yet, it is important to know that moving up the emotional scale is very very possible if you are willing to move along at your own pace. In other words, it is nearly impossible to move from depression to joy in one step. It's not the kind of leap worth trying to make."

Emotional Scale at Abraham-Hicks Quotes and Resources
"So, something has happened in your experience that makes you feel terrible. Nothing sounds good, nothing feels good, it seems as if you are suffocating, and each thought is equally painful. The best word to describe your nearly constant state of emotion is one of depression. "


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