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Menu Plan Monday

Posted Mar 29 2009 12:00am
Planning meals ahead of time like a week ahead of time, a month ahead of time???? You have got to be kidding me. I don't know how I am going to feel from one day to the next. How in the world am I going to plan my menu so I can shop the grocery sales from week to week???? Well....I am going to give it my best shot. I know it will save us money. I know it will save me having a blank look when I open the freezer every morning. And I know that if I am having a bad day and can't move very well, then there is always a frozen pizza in the freezer for my hubby!

Now on to the menu. Okay, not quite yet. A little history is in order. My hubby and I eat one meal and my 7yo princess and my 3yo superhero eat another. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have heard it all from the Grandmas so you can't tell me anything new. We do eat at the same time. Does that make you happy??? Family dinner time is very important to us and we always eat together but my kids are still stuck in the chicken nugget phase. My 7yo is starting to get over it a little and is now taking after her daddy and eating all meat. No, our family is not vegetarian but a pure mid-western farm (nope, we don't live on a farm) meat eating and loving family. Okay, I love chicken, but my honey, well give him two steaks with no sides and the man is in heaven!

My kids developed this chicken nugget, patty, strip issue right after baby food. Yes, mom, I know it is all my fault but what is a mommy to do. It just isn't a battle I am ready to fight at the moment when half the time, my body can't stand at the counter to do more than throw the chicken nuggets in the toaster oven. That is healthier than the microwave, isn't it?

More about all those issues later..............on to the menu, my very first posted menu on The Organized Junkie. Let's make it good. Well, maybe the first goal would be to even have a weekly menu. Here it goes....No, Wait, did I tell you that The Organized Junkie is the first blog I ever read a couple of months ago and that is where all of this started. Thank you OJ!!! Now to the menu.....

Monday - Chicken broccoli pasta (my version of and fruit

Tuesday - Ham loaf (a mixture of ham loaf, sausage, and hamburger) cheesy potatoes, beans and fruit

Wednesday - leftovers since not much time between hubby getting home and going to church

Thursday - I get out of cooking today as the kids have a spring carnival at school at 5pm so many healthy treats like walking tacos and pizza at the carnival and don't forget the cake that we win at the cake walk.

Friday - Pizza night...If I am feeling good, I make homemade pizza and yes one for us and one for them (my babies) They get a thin crust, no tomato sauce, cheese pizza. Did I tell you they eat nothing with sauce?...And for us, a meaty sausage, pepperoni, mushroom and black olive pizza. If I am not feeling great, we order cheese sticks (no sauce) for the kids and a taco pizza for us and my honey brings it home after work.

Now, for my favor from you!!!!!. I am asking for two things. Yes, I am already asking for favors and I just met you but I need some help from all of the wonderful women that I have met and am starting to meet. For a side note..............I had a ball at my first blog party. Wasn't it awesome? I am still reading blogs and getting so much inspiration and help learning what the heck I am doing. If you can't tell, I don't have a clue about blogging but I will figure it out one day. Okay now to my favors...

One is, I would love a recipe for a easy, yummy kid friendly healthy breading that I can use to make my own chicken nuggets and strips. I am tired of spending money on frozen processed chicken even though I do buy only chicken breasts for them.

And favor number two or maybe a challenge is that one week on The Organized Junkie's Menu plan Monday, you will all try to post a week of meals that takes about 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish. I am not talking about just the main dish. That is about the amount of time that I can stand at the counter preparing before my body says it is time to change positions. Now, I can sometimes do increments during the day like prepare something in the AM and then continue in the PM but I am looking for meals that are chronic pain friendly and yummy. I use the a lot. I have looked at some 30 minute meals but that is pushing me, seriously! I would love to be able to do all the wonderful baking and preparing that I read about on all of your blogs but it just isn't possible right now. I even read a blog where the author makes a month of freezer meals on a weekend. What I wouldn't give to be able to do that? Or how about having my own garden or making my own flour etc.......

One good thing about this year is that we are joining a since I can't do any gardening and visiting the farmer's market gets cut out because the drive to one is 10-20 minutes and then I have already shot some of my good time. I just need some ideas for recipes that involve meat like pork, beef, chicken and sometimes fish. Thank goodness for good weather and grilling. That takes a lot of pressure off because my honey does the grilling. I just have to have the meat seasoned and ready to go when he gets home! I just don't want to make him do it every night.

Okay, I am sorry but maybe I have a third favor. If you have any suggested reading or a place to go online or your own advice on food that I should eat then please post or email me at I have heard that food can affect the pain but I haven't started researching yet. If you are familiar with blogs, websites, books, etc, just throw them my way. I am so tired of pain, tests and medications that I want to start learning other ways to combat this issue. If you have chronic pain and something has worked for you, let me know.

Thank you so much for visiting my first Menu plan Monday. I promise that I won't babble so much next week and maybe I will even figure out how to post recipes and maybe I will actually have my breakfast and lunch planned. Those are really on the fly. No promises as I am just figuring out how to post to my blog and now I have to figure out how to link this to the site. Wish me luck.

Have a blessed and pain free week.

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