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Menu Plan Monday - My first gluten free menu!

Posted Jul 26 2010 5:37am

As you know, I have been having serious tummy issues for the last two weeks.  I have been through an ultrasound, hidascan, blood tests, ct scan, and an endoscopy with the results being...there is nothing wrong with me!  After many online friends suggested that I try to get rid of gluten..I did.  And I have felt the difference already!  

I have lost 12.5 lbs in two weeks.  I have more energy.  My tummy issues are almost gone.  Can you believe this?  Who would have known?  Doctors haven't told me about gluten.  I don't know anyone around me in real life that has said anything about gluten.  But I am a believer now.  

And do know what the icing on the cake was?  I took all gluten out of my diet for one week and then my family went out to dinner since I was feeling so well.  Guess what happened?  After about a half stomach was churning, gurgling, and getting painful and to the bathroom I went.  I spend another day in bed with stomach pain.  That was it.  

Every where I am reading says that many fibro and chronic illness folks may have gluten intolerances.  Have you heard this?  Have you ever tried going gluten free?  

Now that I am destined to be gluten free then I have to re-learn cooking and menus!  This will be my first attempt at a menu without gluten.  I am going to keep it really simple and really easy.  Summer is a great time to start because there are so  many fresh veggies and fruit to use.  I also have purchased grass fed organic beef for almost 10 years so we may have beef every night!   And of course, grilling is a summer time favorite!

Monday -
Beef (grass fed organic) burgers on the grill
No bun for me, wheat buns from freezer for hubby
Corn on the cob
Fresh watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, and strawberries

Tuesday -
Chicken (organic from CSA farm) and noodles ( have to buy gluten free noodles) and will have to substitute items for canned cream of mushroom and chicken soup.  Will figure that out today!  I also put fresh mushrooms in the recipe.
fresh fruit 

Wednesday -
Steaks on the grill
Red potatoes on the grill
Yellow squash on the grill
Fresh fruit

Thursday -
BLT's  using turkey bacon and our silly topsy turvy tomatoes!
Fresh fruit

Friday -
Crockpot roast with red potatoes and carrots..need to find gluten free broth or recipe
Fresh fruit

Saturday -
Leftovers or out to eat...need to find gluten free friendly restaurant!

Sunday - 
Breakfast brunch after church with turkey sausage, red potatoes, and eggs

For breakfast during the week I have been eating fresh fruit.  My kiddos and hubby are going to be cleaning out the pantry because I will not change them over to gluten free until we have used up our processed food like pop tarts, frozen waffles, cereal etc.

For lunch my kiddos eat mac-n-cheese, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and I have been eating fresh veggies like cucumbers with ranch dressing.  I did pick up an organic gluten free dressing to use with cucumbers.  I also have been eating a boiled egg.

Like I said this is easy but healthy and hopefully by next week, I will have some recipes to share so you can try gluten free too.  If you have fibro, just try this for one week and see how you feel.  If nothing else, you will lost weight and eating fruits and veggies is good for you!

I did glance at the Fareway shelf during grocery shopping and  picked up a bag of chocolate chip cookie mix for the kids and the ranch dressing.  I think I am going to make a visit to the Super Hy-Vee in the big city because I know they will have many products to chose from.  I may even make an appointment with the dietitian there.  

Visit Organized Junkie for  more great recipes and menus!

Have a blessed and pain free week!

p.s.  I am also using this post as my mamavation monday post.  I lost 12.5 pounds by eating right.  My goal is to continue eating healthy with many fruits and veggies.  I will also add the treadmill this week.  For this fibro, full of pain gal, it will be difficult.  Exercise will help fibro but you have to take it easy or you can put yourself into a flare!  Have a great week!

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