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Long Umbilical Cord

Posted Dec 05 2008 8:43pm
I haven't worked at Borders for 8 months now, yet I got a call for help from there yesterday. My old responsibilities were consolidated with another position, but the person who took over from me has already left the store. A good friend of mine took the position after that, and he was the one who called me.

His question was an easy one. A couple years ago I cleaned out the time clock and he wanted to know what I'd done because it was malfunctioning again. To punch in we used magnetic cards like credit cards, so I used a credit card reader cleaners for this, too. This item was a plastic card, about the same size as a credit card, and partially soaked in alcohol. Not only did I remember what it was, I was able to describe the box, the interior packaging, and which drawer it was in at my old desk. When he found it where I described, I got the impression he had never noticed this item before.

Perhaps it is just me, but when I've taken jobs in the past which have allowed me to take over someone else's desk, one of the very first things I have done is to root through the drawers and file cabinets and corners to find out exactly what I have to work with. I pay particular attention to the things tat are unusual or out of place, and that's how I found out I had the credit card reader cleaners in the first place when I took that desk. Doesn't everyone do this? I guess not.
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